All work and no play…

makes for a timeless reference.

This post is about leaving the space and switching off work mode for a night. For to spend all of one’s time inside this space (and there by inside one’s head) would be to design and build Alewife in a bubble, without the aid of the influences that are all around me.

So last night found me putting down the tools and venturing out for a walk under the Queensborough Bridge with a friend to the Texas Firehouse. Where I got to sit at a make shift bar listening to Ozzy and Rancid vinyl while drinking a cold one (that’s my Lagunitas in the foreground).

My thanks go out to the boys at the Firehouse for offering some Texas hospitality to LIC’s newest resident. Your input is noted and I look forward to having you at the bar.

If anyone has any recommendations for me on the ‘exploring local influences’ front please feel free to hit me up.

Two turn tables and a something, something.