The calm before the storm.

So Tuesday is the big demo day. Ron Baker and his boys will be coming in to remove all that I couldn’t get to. For those walking by everyday, say your good byes to the corrugated awning and hitching posts. Gone. All the post and painted beams inside. Gone. The Sushi Bar. Gone. The stage that rocked so many bands over the years. Gone.

On Wednesday check back here for a picture of the clean slate.

Now here is a little something for the Wall of the Weird. I have been in the space for a couple of weeks now doing what demo I can accomplish solo with nothing out of the ordinary to report. Then, earlier this week, I started in on the stage. I had gotten a fair amount removed, bringing it down to the ply and framework, when I started to pull one of the 2 x 6s off and this happened.

I have been on many job sites and had many odd things occur but I have never had a structure bleed sand at me. I just stood there, slowly backing up waiting for the building to say “Get Out”.