A lounge existing in potentiality.

So the demo went as well as could be hoped this past week. And before I post the photos of the cleaning out of the first floor (including the brief day that Alewife changed it’s theme to Beach Blanket Bingo) I have a picture of a section of the second floor that I am particularly excited about.

Pictured here is the area that was formally a sushi bar and that will eventually become the second floor lounge area. This space is in the back of the second floor located just before the patio and right next to the the fireplace. Making it the perfect spot to sit and relax with a beer no matter which season it is.

Where you see broken tiles I see a comfy chair, a good book and a belgian beer.

I will be following up with another post on the concept and layout of the second floor. We are excited to have the space at Alewife to offer up different spaces to fit the mood you might be in when you come to visit us.