Going, Going, Going…Gone.

Last Friday Ron Baker’s Boys went to town on the hitching post and awning of the old frontage much to the delight of my scrap metal guy.

But the real fun was yesterday when I went to check the mail and was unable to get out the front door due to the bucket truck blocking it. The crew over at Phoenix Signs were doing another sneak attack on the old signage. Leaving me trapped inside only to peak out the second floor window. Which was a great vantage point to see passersby onlooking as the final stage of Stage 1 of ‘Operation: Store Front Revitalization Project’ reached its conclusion.

Demo in 4 Acts.

Now that the canvas is clear, look to see us put the Alewife stamp on the front of 5-14 51st Ave. (And by stamp I mean me precariously perched on an extension ladder with my brush and roller.)