Reuse, Recycle…Post it for Free on Craigslist.

For those that are following, you have seen some of the items that I have posted on Craigslist in order to save them from the dumpster and give them a new home and continued life.

So far, after all the demo that has happened, we have been able to give away about 60% of the debris, lumber and equipment. The sushi bar is now going to be planter boxes. Even the sand was taken to be reused. After clearing out the space we had less then 1/2 a box truck full of stuff to take to the dump.

But now it is going to a whole new level, and that is why I am writing this post. I am giving away the bar. We need to make room for the new bar I will be building (with the help of Bryan from Alewife Baltimore). Our attempts to sell it have proved fruitless and with the clock ticking I need to get the old bar out of the space. As a former wood worker and furniture maker, I would cry like a boy stood up on Prom Night if I had to demo and trash this item.

So it is going up on Craigslist today for Free to anyone that has the capability to remove it and ability to transport it out by next week. It gives me a great big smile to think of the person that is just trolling Craigslist free items and stumbles upon a free $5000 bar.

If you know of anyone with a 16′ wall in their living room that has just been screaming for an Oak Bar and back bar then please pass this link along.

It's like a Free Puppy. How can you look into those eyes and say no?