One Bar’s Journey: Proof We Exist.

So just to let you know the lengths we are willing to go to get you that mug of beer, I have (willing) given my name, fingerprints and image to the FBI for processing.

I had known for a while that we would have to get fingerprinted as part of the process of obtaining our Liquor License and was kind of excited about it. The last time I was fingerprinted was as a child as part of a “In Case My Kid is Stolen” campaign in CNY. Back then I was enthralled by the whole event, getting processed by the cops and inkie fingers seemed so cool at 5.

This time around there weren’t any cops, just a nice, young lady (she was training and did a great job) and a third floor office on 7th Ave. And though I shouldn’t have been surprised, I was a bit disappointed that the entire process is digital now. No more ink pads and inkie fingers to attest to your being IDed. And it was absolutely nothing at all like Kevin Spacey’s fingerprinting in Se7en. (Warning Explicit Language)

You will see from the picture of my hand that I probably came out cleaner then when I went in due to the clean wipes that they used in between scans.

Powerful hands.

On Monday I send the SLA proof that we have posted our notice in both our store front and in two newspapers. Once they have that info we wait. And hope. Any one wishing on the first evening star in the next couple of weeks, toss a wish or two our way, there’s a beer in it for you.