It’s kind of like a black upside down U.

(There is a slight lull in construction going on right now so I wanted to bring you a couple of posts on some of the other aspects to opening a bar/restaurant. Here’s one now….)

I am a bicycle rider, for years I have said that it is the best way to get from Point A to Point B; (and if the bar happens to be Point B all the better). Since riding my bike to the bar is one of my favorite reasons to get on the bike, I want to make every effort to make Alewife accessible to those that feel the same way.

Queens residents, and our lovely Brooklyn neighbors across the Pulaski, have a wonderful biking area and a lot of riders. Our hope is that Alewife Queens ends up the Point B for many bike riders; or at least one of the many stops in a rider’s evening.

Being in a residential area, 51st Avenue has a lack of convenient parking meters to lock up to. So I was very excited when someone told me of the CityRacks program through the NYC DOT.

An artist's rendering.

After researching the site, I quickly put in a request for a bike rack (or five) in front of Alewife. Looking through the checklist we seemed like a shoe in.

Within two weeks I received our first response. I don’t foresee us having any resistance from the community and the landlord is on board, so hopefully we get our bike racks soon after open.

Forced Perspective.

So to all of the bike riders we hope to see coming throughout the doors here, until we get the racks look at all those street signs just up on the corner.