A Literal Bar’s Literal Journey.

The deed is done. The bar that had stood proudly in 5-14 51st Ave. for 10 years and two different establishments is now on its way to a new life.

Last Wednesday a crew came in and dismantled the bar, loaded it up and brought it across the Pulaski Bridge to Brooklyn. Were it will begin its transformation into its new life in a new home. Craig (more on Craig later) told me he just couldn’t resist the bar and the potential he saw in it for his new restaurant. He has promised us some pictures as it takes up residence in the new space.

So as we bid the old bar farewell and good luck on its journey, I grow excited by the canvas finally being cleared for the bar we will begin to build on it (is that metaphor mixed?).

A new bar for a new establishment, one that will see thousands of beers poured and have as many stories to tell years from now.

It's like a police chalk outline.

This empty space represents possibilities.