Missed it by ………………………….. that much.

Pictured here is the Deficiency Letter sent to us by the SLA (State Liquor Authority). Now, now, don’t feel bad for us; our inflated sense of self worth protects us any permanent emotional damage. Apparently this is simply part of the back and forth when submitting a Liquor License Application. But I stayed up all night finishing this application.

A Deficiency Letter is the SLA’s equivalent of a teacher’s red pen on your essay about ‘What I Did Last Summer’. Basically saying, “Good first attempt, now fix this, this, this and this and hand it back in by Friday.”

I will admit that the length of the list was a bit shocking but with the help Stacy, our rock star liquor lawyer, we powered through. We have now compiled, corrected, amended and polished all the items from the letter and are resubmitting today.

Stacy feels supremely confident that we have everything the SLA has asked for and should be receiving the SLA’s equivalent of a Gold Star soon. Stay tuned and wish us luck.