Cave Be Gone.

So the before picture is not the best, but I didn’t realize at the time it was taken how much the changes we were making would cause the entrance way to stop being an entrance way and turn it into the viable space we were aiming for.

These are the quality of photo you get for free.

That was our goal; when we came in, the front section of the first floor was dedicated to a host station and crowd herding. As part of our ‘Open the Space Up’ Initiative we knew that if we cleared out the station and took down the divider that this area could have a better use.

For us that better use was as an extension of the bar area. The layout of the first floor means the bar has to be in the space it is (Can’t wait to post about building the new bar). What that offered us was a chance to utilize the space around it to create an area that would feel like ‘the bar area’. A space that is larger than the physical bar but still feels connected.

With the use of standing bars. wide bench seating and high top tables the front section of the first floor will become that bar area, the place for drinks and food when you want to be in the heart of the action.

A satisfiing end to the day.

Now this photo is just of the area cleared out with primer, but it was amazing to me how much it brightened it up and pulled it into the rest of the space.