A Profile in Courage.

Now that is a hard workin' man.

Much like raising a child in the old world, opening a bar and restaurant takes a village. So to honor those that are serving along side me as we battle to get Alewife open I am going to post regularly on these special, dedicated (and slightly mad) people.

Bryan is one of the owners and the Operational Manager of Alewife Baltimore. Bryan and I met in the trenches of the Lord Hobo build out in Cambridge, MA. Which is where we learned that patrons don’t care whether the round over on the bar edge is a 1/16th or 1/8th as long as their beer is cold and the bar doesn’t fall apart when they set said beer upon it.

Bryan has more wood working skills in his right pinkie then I do in my left. Exploiting those woodworking skills is why I have asked him to travel up here on his days off to help me build Alewife Queens. That, and to smack me in the back of the head when I get ideas like “Let’s put the bar on a magnetic rail so that it levitates! You know like a monorail from the future!”

This week he will be braving the highways to break ground on the new bar.

Below are some of his mad sketches.
It's as simple as this.