Conditionally Yours.

I was in the car (passenger) when it happened. The phone call we had been waiting almost 6 months for.

Michael: Hi Stacy. How’s it going?
Stacy (Rock Star Lawyer): Well. Got the call this morning. The SLA has approved your Conditional License.
Daniel (driving): Listens intently trying to figure out what I am so happy about.

The rest of the conversation I will let the historians debate.

What is the conditional part? Well we will need to prove we have insurance (we do) and they want to see what the space looks like once we complete the build out. Which, now that we have the liquor license, will move forward with ever increasing speed. But for all intensive purposes we have our liquor license.

Since they haven’t actually given us anything tangible yet, this photo is what I image the Conditional License looks like right after I walk across the stage, shake hands with the SLA Representative, then turn to the cheering crowd and wave the scroll in the air. (I had another imaginary scenario that was a bit more fantasy fiction but it would have required me to do that ‘burning the edges of the paper to make it look old’ effect and our special effect budget is very tight right now).

I would like to thank everyone that helped us get here today.

In the next couple of weeks we will have a clearer idea of when Opening Day will be but for now let’s all keep September open.