Now Hiring.

So obtaining the Liquor License is the X on the calendar that all future dates will be based off of. There was a very long ‘to do’ list sealed away in a case that had ‘Break in Case of Liquor License Acquisition’. As I sweep up the broken glass, we start on that list and begin our push to open by September.

At the top of that list are these items:

    – Hire Head Chef
    – Hire Bar Manager

A strong house needs a strong foundation and that is what we are building this week. Alewife Queens is officially looking for a Head Chef and Bar Manager. With these people, Daniel and I will be able to build this establishment with the pieces that are more integral and important than all the paint colors, lighting choices and table heights combined. Our staff will be the heart and soul of Alewife Queens.

So if you know of anyone that has experience in the bar and restaurant industry, the drive to be apart of this grand experiment and a taste for swashbuckling adventure, please forward them either of these links to our job postings:

For Head Chef

Bar Manager:

Tell them to include in their email response that they received the link from the Blog.

After we hire these two amazing individuals the larger hiring push shall commence. There will be a post when this occurs, so if you are a person, or know a person, that is looking for a kitchen, bar or server position in Queens best new beer hall, hold tight and check back here in a couple of weeks.

Important days this week: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. That is when the floors will be refinished on the first floor.