Floor refinishing is not a hobby.

Now I have refinished hard wood flooring before, and that is why when the subject of patching and refinishing the 1st floor oak flooring came up I throw my hand in the air shouting, “Let’s farm it out!”.*

Well farm it out we did. Here was the scene at 10:30 this morning when the crew arrived to start patching the missing areas and sand.
The hardest working men in Queens.

Here was the scene a mere 7 hours later.
Nice and Smooth.

Tomorrow morning they will be back in house at 8am to begin staining.

And all this while Daniel and I drove to Baltimore for a beer tasting with the Alewife Baltimore crew.

This is money well spent.

You will notice in the background on the stair wall the red I have been up on a ladder painting for the past two days.

* I was dying to make a Horshack reference here but couldn’t find the appropriate video clip. Instead I found one of my favorite Barbarino moments. Nothing relating to floors but it made me smile. Enjoy.