A Profile In Courage.

This man can cook.

Thank you all that passed on the info about our search for a chef and those the responded with interest in the position.

But much like a Frenchman pretending to be a Scotsman, There Can Be Only One.

Meet Jon, Alewife Queens’ Executive Chef. We offered and he accepted. Now begins the fun.

In later posts I will expound on the vast experience he brings to our kitchen. For now I just want us all to take a moment and thank him for shouldering the task of cleaning and organizing the kitchens. For months I have been pretending there was nothing to do beyond the kitchen doors, as shown by the complete lack of posts on it. Today was Jon’s ‘Day One’ so expect many kitchen posts (including the exciting, fast paced “What is it?” kitchen equipment game) to come in the next six weeks.

Soon enough this brave man will begin crafting the menu and the food that is sure to please us all. But for now, armed with cases of degreaser, he cleans. And cleans, and cleans …(envision this words getting smaller and smaller).