A Profile in Courage.

We promised her the world, and a beer.

If you happen to be passing through Cambridge, MA and you see a bunch of MIT types looking lost it’s because we stole their #1 girl.

Beth has joined the Alewife Queens’ dream team on the ground floor. Relocating herself to the Queens area to help Daniel and I keep our heads on straight.

I always want to make a ‘His Girl Friday’* reference when I speak of Beth. Though she refuses to be in the office (something about needing sunlight), she is helping organize and structure a lot of what will happen in there and beyond.

I am not sure if she knew this of herself at the time she agreed to join our rag tag team of dreamers and drinkers, but she is a whiz at bureaucratic licensing.

When not busy following through on the crazy online missions we give her, Beth occupies her time hunting down every professional sports star in the LIC area.

* If you don’t know this Howard Hawks’ classic, follow this link, pop some popcorn and thank me later.