Like Putting Down the Sword and Picking Up the Plowshare.

Except this is more like putting down the paintbrush and picking up the pen.
I always use a black pen.
This is a picture of the stack of credit applications with various vendors and provayers that Chef Jon left on my desk to fill out this weekend.

Before all the rushing and shouting and clanging of dishes in a busy kitchen/bar can happen, one must fill out a mountain of paper work to get the distributors to deliver the components needed to create the tasty food and drink LIC so greatly deserves.

It is for you LIC (along with every thirsty and hungry person within the sound of my voice) that I wrote and rewrote all of Alewife Queens pertinent business information 15 different times today. These credit apps are a sign of how close we are getting to opening. These are not evil little pieces of paper but a symbol of our nearing the finish line.

The up side of this is that I can now rattle off all of that pertinent info. Go ahead test me.

For those that are thinking, “Office stuff? Bored now. What about the construction?” Well here is a small sneak preview of the next post.