Progress You Can See.

So the corrugated steel is up! The trim is painted and everything is weather-proofed.

Like a 30' tall 20' wide jigsaw puzzle.

Joseph over at Phoenix Signs says the awning is on its way and United Glass in Astoria has the glass for the doors ready for pick up (can you hear the doors calling to you Bryan).

Right now the face of the building feels like a jigsaw puzzle I have been working on for three months and I am just about to put those last four pieces in place (the clouds are always the hardest).

I have already started writing the post for the finished frontage post, but I get ahead of myself; for now let’s appreciate what 10 sheets of corrugated steel and a week’s worth of Jack and I dangling from a 40’ ladder and the third floor balcony has given us. Damn that steel is pretty. I like to believe that it will make the beers you drink here taste just that much better.