Surviving the Latest Natural Disaster.

So this past week when the earthquake hit Virginia I was safe and sound on the 5th floor of 42 Broadway at the NYC Licensing Center. It was an extended stay in a very magical, DMV like world with the Fire Marshal coming over the loud speaker telling us that we weren’t in any immediate danger but he wouldn’t think anyone a coward for evacutating the building.

So in another example of the lengths we will go here at Alewife Queens to bring you the best beer and food in LIC; I stayed put in my seat waiting for them to call ‘Now serving C597 at window #11’ and was able to walk away proudly carrying our permit for Food Service Establishment with the ability to manufacture frozen desserts (you beer drinking ice cream lovers are worth the additional $25). I also now have the official Choking Poster.

Anyone having trouble visualizing what it was like in the waiting room need only click here (minus the zombie showgirl).