Raw Materials

We can rebuild it. Make it stronger, faster, more table like.
This unassuming pile of wood has been sitting in potentia, waiting to find new life. As if during its many adventures over the decades it has always been destined to end up across the street from Alewife Queens waiting patiently for us to walk in and find it. (Forgive me the drama but a boy has to have a little fun with these posts).

Starting Monday, this stack of timbers begins the transformation from reclaimed, 100 year-old pine to the table you set your beer and food upon at your new favorite beer bar. Within three short weeks this wood will be installed as our new tabletops on the first floor.

Patrick and the crew at Townsend Designs have takien up the call to sculpt this wood into our tables. When neighbors pop their heads into the space the first floor still looks rather empty. This is because it is simply waiting for the tables that will populate and define its space.