Water: Check. Non-Perishable Food: Check. Neon BAR Sign: Check.

(There were some other posts queued up before this one, but it jumped to the head of the line just in case neither of these items survive nature’s wrath this weekend.)

So this post marks two big events, the installation of our new awning and neon BAR sign and the first non-utilitarian photo posted (credit goes to Daniel for his artistic and well framed shot of both).

Is it bad if you are turned on by a neon sign?

I put the call into Phoenix Signs on Monday saying we were ready to receive the awning expecting they might be ready in a week or so. Then I got a text from Chef on Tuesday while I was at the NYC Licensing Center that read, “Awning guys are here”. By the time I got back, we had an awing and by dusk Tuesday I was turning on our neon sign.

Normally the signage is the last thing to go up, announcing that ‘we are open for business’. But in this instance, getting everything in place was important to show the progress and let the neighborhood know “we are coming”.

For those that still have memory of Lucky Mojos, this sign might look vaguely familiar. That is because when we first got into the space it still read BBQ. While looking at it Daniel said, “Let’s just keep the B and switch out the B and Q for an A and R.” There was brilliance in that simple statement.

As soon as I have our Illuminated Sign Permit in hand all will quickly get accustomed to that European Red neon BAR sign becoming an iconic landmark in the LIC skyline.

Let it light your way.