A Profile in Courage: A Lose of Innocence.

We battled our way through the open calls and carved out our all-star, stud staff. With the ability to draw from the deep end of the industry talent pool here in NYC, Alewife Queens is supremely confident with our inaugural crew.

Our theory on staffing is to hire those that know more than us in the aspects of the bar and restaurant that they working. We want our bartenders to have more cocktail knowledge then us, our floor staff to be able to handle bigger parties then us and our kitchen staff to run laps around our cooking skills.

And both Daniel and I feel we have achieved this with the people that have agreed to join our grand experiment here in LIC.

Having said this, the one area that none of them can hold a candle to the founders of Alewife (I am speaking of Daniel) is beer knowledge. We told them in the interview process that we assumed they knew nothing about beer and that was fine, for we would (literally) fill their heads to bursting with all things beer.

So it was with great trepidation that the staff of Alewife Queens (they still have that ‘New Staff Smell’) sat down last night to start unlearning everything they thought they knew about beer.

Over the next two weeks they will do 7+ nights of beer training covering all styles and forms. There will be lectures and videos and many, many, many beers tasted in this process. So, I would like all of our potential clientele to take a moment, look at this photo of young, hopeful people and think of the torture and torment they will go through over the next two weeks in order to provide you with the best beer in the world.

By the end there own mothers won't recognize them.