All That Is Nice. But What About The Bathrooms?

There hasn’t been much posted about the bathrooms here at Alewife Queens. You might think as a beer bar and restaurant there needs be no mention of the bathrooms. What do they have to do with the quality of the drinks, the food or the service?

Well nothing really, what they do have to do with is ambience. The overall look and feel of the space.

Now I am not saying that our bathrooms will be on par with the world-class beer, astonishing cocktails, taste bud seducing cuisine or stellar service (if you want bathrooms like that just swing in to Lord Hobo), but if you will follow me for a moment there is a point to all this.

There are a few different categories of bathrooms at bar and restaurants that all of us have experienced:

The first is the one that is cohesive with the overall look, feel and theme of the establishment and these are as varied as the bars and restaurants that house them. From the 4 star bathrooms with Dyson AirBlades and marble stalls to the bathroom in the rock club bar that looks like a set from the latest ‘Saw’ movie. These are all enjoyable and memorable because they are a continuation of the establishment’s aesthetic. Someone gave it thought, time and effort. Even the dive bathroom has been allowed to fall into a sort of ‘functional disrepair’ that is keeping with the rest of the place.

The second is the bathroom that, though you are not going to send it in to your favorite bathroom blog (you think I am joking? Click away), it is a well thought out bathroom that is clean, organized, spacious and functional. It doesn’t exactly add to your overall enjoyment of the place but it most definitely does not take anything away either.

The third is, in my option, the worst. It isn’t the dirtiest, or the most pretentious. It is the after thought bathroom; the one that the owners didn’t care enough to think about or consider when they were designing, building or remodeling their place. When I leave one of these bathrooms it makes me suspicious of what other elements of the business the owners just not care to think about.

So what does all this have to do with Alewife Queens? Well if the shear length of this post on bathrooms is testament to anything, we are constructing bathrooms that are not after thoughts or necessary evils. And though it would be great to say we were in the first category, we have a limited budget and had to prioritize some expenditures.

This leaves us squarely in the second category. I have given the bathrooms enough thought to banish this purple to the outer reaches of a Design Hell Dimension, start with a fresh canvas and put some effort into creating a pleasant place for you.Your Welcome.

Including my favorite addition, an old school, hand-crank paper towel dispenser just like in elementary school.
You burn calories while waiting to dry your hands.

It brings me back to simpler days; a new backpack, locker combinations, the first day of school…