The Sound of Progress is Silence.

My sincerest apologies go out to all that have been following the Alewife Queens Build Out Blog. I realize I have been depriving you of the fast paced updates on the evolution of Alewife from hope and dream to beer and food that you have used to both brighten and inform your day.

Please do not think that nothing happening here caused the radio silence on the blog. Quite the contrary my faithful readers, my lack of posting is due to EVERYTHING happening here on site.

We can now see the finish line. With the countdown no longer in months or weeks, but days. Which leaves me just enough time to update you on all the progress that has been made in the past two weeks.

For a brief recap (before someone finds me and sets me to another task):

    – Construction of the back bar has begun.
    – The draft tower arrived and was installed. Now it sits like the heart of Alewife, soon to have beer in its veins pumping its lifeblood for your enjoyment. (Forgive my flowery allusions. Lack of sleep makes my wordy.)
    – The glass rack is making its way up the Eastern Seaboard.
    – Art is going up on the walls (literally now, at 10pm, below me on the first floor).
    – Tables are being installed.
    – Our custom bar stools have arrived.
    – The bar top is going to be Zinc.
    – Every day is another roller coaster ride of Inspections and Inspectors.
    – The staff sobered up from Beer Training, just in time for Cocktail Tasting.
    – a t-shirt design was chosen for production.
    – Glassware is ordered.
    – Flatware is ordered
    – Plumber, electricians and HVAC! Oh My!

Every one of these and more could (and should) be a post, but the thing is that they are all happening at the same time everyday. Leaving no time to post about them.

I have a backlog of ‘Profiles in Courage’ that makes me feel like I am on stage accepting an award and I forgot my list of ‘Thanks to…’

My next post will be the announcement of our opening day, unless I get a great shot of our tables in place, you deserve to be the first to see those.

Until then, know that your patience will be rewarded with the world’s best beer and LIC’s most unique cocktails and best dinning experience.