Do I need a parent to sign it?

You can’t spell “Ready for food production” with out 1 of these.

This means we're clean.

So last Thursday we passed our first health inspection receiving the coveted ‘A’ Grade, clearing the way for Chef Jon and his crew to unleash the beast in the kitchen.

For those that wondered why I hadn’t highlighted any of the food preparation going on here at Alewife it’s because there couldn’t be until the Department of Health did their initial health inspection. In the weeks leading up to Thursday’s inspection we focused the kitchen staff’s energy on getting to place in pristine order, and it paid off.

And it wasn’t even 10 minutes after the inspector left (with a sincere good luck to us) that the kitchen was up and running.

I will do my best to get you a sneak peak of some dishes this week as we do staff tastings, but if I don’t you can just come in next week yourselves and see.

But more on that later.