Floats! Have You heard?


Truly, it’s hard to think of anything better than ice cream and booze together in the same glass. We have two different booze floats for you to choose from:

We have The Adult Float: Root liquor and sarsaparilla syrup poured over 3 scoops of house made vanilla bourbon ice cream and topped with club soda. This Root Beer Float went and got all grown up.

We also have The Stout Float: Left Hand Milk Stout poured over 1 scoop of chocolate and 1 scoop of vanilla.

Both are so delicious it’s hard to know which to advise you to drink.


De Ranke Guldenburg | GER | 12oz | 8.5%
Nogne Saison| NOR | 12oz| 6.5%

Not feeling like beer? No problem, we have added a new cocktail to the growing list. Try our Rose Margarita made with Leguas Anejo. It’s sexy fun.

All five additions just give you yet more reasons to come on in.