Mug Clubbers Are a Serious Bunch!

Not only is mug club up and running, it’s as popular as ever and already several regulars are approaching the first 50 mark. Which is amazing.

For those of you who have not seen the rules or do not know the rules here they are:


Mug Club Rules

1. The bartender is always right.

2. You have one year to complete the list.

3. If you complete the list, you will receive a 25 oz. mug with your name, and finish number. It’s yours to keep here at ALEWIFE for life. You will then receive 25 oz of beer for the price of 20 oz. You will receive 50% of a mug if the beer you choose is served as a 12 oz. and so on.

4. We do not do “half beers” in your mug.

5. There are 60 draught beers, and 100 bottles. The sizes of the bottles you will have to drink will be dependent on what we have in stock. Some will be 12 oz, some 25.4 oz. We cannot predict that. Some of you will have had i.e. Cantillon Gueuze in a 12 oz, some in 25.4 oz. That’s life.

6. This first list is the shortest list we will ever do. Consider yourself lucky if you have the “160” list.

7. The list is not a race. We will not over-serve you. Please drink responsibly. The whole point is for you to try some new beers, inform your palate, and maybe find some things you didn’t know you would like.

8. Do not say to a bartender “you pick!”- Look through the list and find a beer you want. As you get closer to finishing it may require a little more effort on your behalf to ‘find’ a beer that we have in-stock.

9. If we are “out” of a beer you need to finish your list, we will substitute at our discretion.

10. Upon completion of the list, we will have a ‘ceremony’ for you. You must invite friends. And it must be on a Friday or Saturday. When we hand you your mug you will stand on the bar and sing your favorite song. At the top of your lungs. This requirement is absolute, and will ensure maximum opportunity to embarrass yourself. You may even become a YOUTUBE sensation.

11. If you do the list a second time, you will get a bigger mug. Cool, we know.

12. Despite telling you that this is not a race, we will tell you that getting #1 is something you will brag about and cherish for the rest of your life.

13. One guy did it at one of our other places in 32 days. That is not a typo. He was in between school semesters. He would come for 3 or 4 beers in the afternoon, go home for a nap, then come back for a few at night. He took one day off out of 32, and on that day he broke up with his girlfriend. He gained 20 lbs. But he will forever be #1.

14. Remember, the bartender is always right.

If you have any questions just ask.

If you wish to join it’s as easy as coming in and signing up. You have one full year to complete the entire list to receive your customized Alewife Queens mug which lives at Alewife for you to drink out of and has 4 extra ounces. 4! That’s a lot of extra beer.

Soon on the right you will find the entire Mug Club list.

For all of you Alewifeites racing to the finish line, keep checking back here for the keg and bottle updates as our beer rotates. This site is your inside track for that beer we might only get once a year.

Keep watching!