More Brunch Teasers

We’ve told you about the biscuits and gravy and hinted about our Bloody Mary’s. For all of you who took the Bloody Mary poll, thanks so much for your feedback. We are going with the Smoked Bloody Mary for winter and then when the temperature rises again, we are going to add the Sassy Jalapeno Mary too. The Smoked Mary is going for $8 for 20 ounces and $5 for 12 ounces. Trust us, after one of these babies you aren’t going to want to go anywhere and then our evil plan will be realized!

We will also be serving:

Chorizo Quiche: House-made chorizo, goat cheese, scallion, bitter greens, and paprika-lime vinaigrette.

Stuffed French Toast: House-made brioche, mascarpone, orange and cashews.

And just one more teaser:

Mushroom Ragout: Flatbread, wild mushrooms, sunny side up duck egg.


We also have a Half Pint menu, for your little one which includes:

French Toast Sticks and the Wee Farmer’s Breakfast: one sunny side up egg, one biscuit and one sausage.

The full menu will go up on the site later tonight or tomorrow.

Keep your eyes peeled!