Evil Twin and Stillwater Thursday. Be There.

We’ve been talking about it for weeks. This is what we are serving Thursday February 2nd.

Evil Twin Yin – 10% Imperial Stout; 1/2 of Imperial Black & Tan
Evil Twin Yang – 10% Imperial IPA; the other 1/2 of Imperial Black & Tan
Evil Twin Freudian Slip – 10.3% hop-bomb of a Barley Wine
Evil Twin Biscotti Break – 8.5% Imperial Porter with Espresso & Almonds
Evil Twin Ron & the Beast Ryan – 7% Saison with Brett
Evil Twin Hop Flood – 7% hop-bomb of an amber ale
Evil Twin Williamsburg Hipster Ale – 5.5% Nelson-hopped American-style pale ale
Evil Twin Monk Suffers Serious Sugar Rush on Barbados – 8% Belgian Dark ale with Muscavado sugar
Evil Twin Xmas Eve At a NYC Hotel Room – 10% Imperial Stout
Evil Twin Wet Dream – 7% Hoppy Brown Ale with Coffee Collective Espresso
Evil Twin Nurse Pepper – 7.5% Chipotle Porter
Evil Twin Sonderho Hipster Ale – 5.5% Barrel-Aged Evil Twin Hipster Ale
Evil Twin Ale 404 – 6.5% Pale Ale with Greenland herb ledum groenlandicum (aka Laborador Tea)

Stillwater Stateside Saison – 6.8% Saison. Belgian Farmhouse ale meets west coast IPA.
Stillwater Our Side  – 7% IPA/Saison Hybrid. Collaboration with Mikkeller
Stillwater Premium – 4.5% Session Saison with Brett
Stillwater Existent – 7.8% Black Saison
Stillwater Cellar Door – 6.6% Saison brewed with white sage
Stillwater Kopstootje – 6.5% Saison; Counterpoint to Genever
Stillwater Bri-Witter Weisse – 3.3% Berliner Weisse