Get Real Presents & Alewife NYC ‘The Grand Opening’ & Industry Night 6/20/12

Hello bloggers and industry folk,

We here at Get Real Presents have teamed up with Alewife NYC to launch the 1st annual industry beer dinner, you guys are our life line of business and without you the public would hear very little of our bars and events, to which we want to show our gratitude by offering you a night of beer, grub and awesome times!


1st part of the night will be beers on us, mingle and chat, then the beer dinner starts (1st 25 peeps) then we will make a few speeches and toast to you all with a Russian River Supplication. Then its back to the beer in hand!

We will have amazing aged beers from the cellar of Daniel Lanigan to go around and also some crazy ass beers on tap, the likes that has never been seen, EVER!!


Looking forward to seeing you all for this awesome night!



Patrick Donagher


Daniel Lanigan

Get Real Presents & Alewife NYC


Twitter the event: @AlewifeNYC@GetRealPresents


for more info please contact