Art shows at Alewife

Hello all you fun loving, beer drinking and now ART extraordinaire Alewife peeps!

Starting December 14th here at the beer hall of awesomeness, we will be showcasing local artists and their amazing art. Cristian Torres is a friend of ours and after all the work he has done for us via plumbing, we have decided that after the tribulations of hurricane Sandy aka the bitch, our first show should show off the ‘Plumbing Art’ series and explain to the world that even though most plumbing accessories are not to be seen or smelled, it can also be used as a thing of beauty!

Thanks to the brains of the Romans a few thousand years ago, plumbing itself has helped the human race evolve our cleanliness!

Anyway….. on December 14th Cristian will be here at Alewife to showcase his many many pieces to you all, his art will be for sale with 15% of sales going to a Sandy Charity.

In this series, Argentinian artist Cristian D. Torres respectfully develops his own idea about a particular time in human existence (The Scream) using the tools of his trade. He also works with the idea of art as a way of healing the subconscious. Torres creates new forms of seeing objects. He transforms metals and other materials that are originally made for certain things to more complex concepts….