Homebrew Alley VII Party & Award Ceremony 2/9


Alewife NYC is extremely proud to announce that we will be hosting this years HomeBrew Alley and damn are we excited!!

For homebrewers and all who love them!

Please join us as we celebrate the seventh annual Homebrew Alley National Homebrew competition! (to enter or volunteer to judge/steward, please visit www.homebrewalley.org)
At 6:30pm on Saturday February 9th (following a complete day of judging over 700 entries) Alewife will be completely open the public and to all friends of the New York City Homebrewers Guild, including entrants of this year’s competition, and friends thereof: anybody at all that wants to support the homebrewing community! Beers will be available at the bar as it will not be a ‘private’ event.

In addition to the incredible beers Alewife will have on tap, we may also be setting out entry bottles that did not proceed to Best of Show from the competition for random sampling. These will be completely anonymous as peoples names will have been replaced with numbers for the purposes of competing, and organized by style. Can you find yours?

At roughly 7:00pm we will announce all HA7 winners, including Best of Show and the Brewer’s Choice (sponsored by Sixpoint Brewery), and award them with fabulous prizes.

However, since this is a national competition there is no guarantee that our winners will be local and therefore present to redeem certain prizes that simply cannot be shipped cost effectively. Therefore, certain remaining physical prizes may be raffled off immediately following the award ceremony. Funds from this raffle will help to offset the costs of running Homebrew Alley 7. Thank you in advance for supporting through the purchase of a raffle ticket…no pressure though, haha.

We hope to see you there! Viva la homebrew!!!
the NYCHG & Alewife crew