The Food Menu

Bar Snacks

Creole Spiced Nuts $6

 Rotating assortment of nuts tossed with duck fat and spices

Garlic Fries $7

Hand cut fries tossed with garlic, parsley, salt & pepper

Chili – Lime Spiced Edamame $7

Healthy doesn’t have to mean boring! Sautéed edamame pods tossed with our own chili-lime spiced blend.


Alewife Salads

Alewife House Salad $8

Market greens, red onion, orange supremes and walnuts w/ red wine vinaigrette.

Kale Caesar Salad $10

Fresh and fried kale with Caesar dressing, garlic herb croutons, freshly grated Parmesan Cheese                                    add chopped chicken ($3)

Caprese Salad $11

Baby arugula tossed with fresh Mozzarella, plum tomatoes, basil and balsamic vinaigrette


Raw Bar ~ market oysters

Raw Oysters served with a classic mignonette & house cocktail sauce

1/2 Dozen  $12   Dozen $22


Small Plates

Buffalo Wings $10

served with carrots, celery and blue cheese

Tell us if you want them Mild or Hot

Brussels Sprouts  $7

Flash fried with lemon, olive oil, red wine vinegar, grated Parmesan bread crumbs

Alewife Sliders $12

Classic cheddar cheese mini burgers w/ house pickles

Chicken Tenders $12

 Chicken tenders with honey mustard served with garlic fries

                                                 Creole Mac N Cheese $12

Chef’s creamy cheese blend with jalapenos, and bacon topped with Parmesan Cheese

Large Plates

Disco Fries $10

Our signature garlic fries topped with house gravy, mozzarella & an egg sunny side up    Add Pulled Pork + $4

Alewife Mussels $12

Beer-steamed Mussels with ginger, scallion and bacon with Add Garlic Fries + $2


                                                                      Build A Burger $14        (Pat La Frieda / Alewife blend)

Classic Cheddar Cheese Burger with mixed greens and tomato served w/ garlic fries or salad                         

 Add Cheese ( Blue, Swiss, Mozzarella) $1          Add  Egg $1       Add Bacon $2

                                Add Murrays Cheese $2

Veggie Burger  $13

Garden fresh burger topped with hummus nestled into a Brioche bun served with garlic fries or salad

Fried Chicken $16

Chicken breast and leg coated in a secret blend of spices, deep fried till golden brown, served with mashed potato and sautéed spinach


(Pizza not available Monday & Tuesday, Pizza closes at 10pm Nightly)

Hand stretched to order, time is needed for theses babies!

The Margherita: A true classic  $10 ~ $16

Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil

The Pepperoni $12 ~ $18

The pie we all know and love! Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, and Pepperoni!

The Farmers Market $12 ~ $18

Roasted peppers, mushrooms of the day, red onions, goat cheese, and mozzarella

Di Verdi $13 ~ $19

Goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto topped with spinach, red onion and tomato


Meat N Cheese Platters from  Murray’s Cheese NYC

The Cheeses

Tickler Cheddar (UK) ~ Cow’s Milk ~Sweet & Nutty

Epoisses (France) ~ Cow’s Milk ~ Popular & Pungent

Hudson Flower (NY) ~ Sheep’s Milk ~ Floral & Hoppy

Cremont (VT) ~ Goat’s Milk ~ Soft, rich, and Creamy

Danish Blue Cheese (DEN) – Cow’s Milk – Strong  yet creamy

The Meats

Wild Boar (Utah) ~ Soft texture, well-seasoned, lightly gamey

Chorizo (Spain) ~ Pimenton Hot from Rioja

Prosciutto Rossa (Iowa) ~ complex, sweet American prosciutto

Desserts  $10


KIDS MENU Available.