Cider Week

    Join us all week as we will be tapping Ciders starting on Monday October 21st The Ciders include… Virtue cidre nava Virtue Percheron Naked flock draftNaked flock original Doc’s Pumpkin Cider more TBA

Halloween Costume party

  Dubbel, dubbel toil and trouble Fire burn, and Brew Pot bubble Leaf of hops and malted grain We come upon that time again Join the dance around the kettle Rack to carboy… Continue reading

Michigan Bail Out Party

    Join Alewife NYC for a night of talking about and tasting beer from Michigan’s New Holland Brewing Company. The Beers: Farm House Hatter Rye Hatter Black Hatter White Hatter Mad Hatter… Continue reading

Quiz Night is BACK!!

    Join us Every Tuesday for Fall ? Winter Trivia 7pm on the 2nd Floor with your host Scott from Stump Trivia 10% off to ALL participating Team Alewife NYC – Where… Continue reading

Alewife Social media alert

So were pretty into our social media here at Alewife with short links, twitter, facebook, you tube and all the rest, have a look and please follow us to keep up to date… Continue reading