Want a Mug? Join Our Club

The Alewife NYC’ Mug Club is an undertaking that one should not enter into lightly. It is more then just a ‘drink this, this and that’ to get a 16oz mug with your name on it. It is a journey that will find you a different person at the end. You will learn about beers and, just possibly, yourself. So look at this list as more then simply a reason to drink a lot of beers and more as a challenge to expand your understanding of the beverage and the world it lives in.

Oh, and did I mention the 16oz mug with your name on it?

Stop in and ask your server or bartender about signing up and joining the movement to expand the world of love and beer.

To complete the challenge you must drink 40 different styles of beer JUST to get your mug, then if your still hungry for exploration of the Beer Journey, we encourage you to roll into the Premium Club which gets you a connoisseur’s 12oz goblet for those specialty beers we like to carry here at Alewife.

The 1st 12 members of this club will get their own locker, in which you can store your mug in and get 1st access to some specialty/rare beers that we get our hands on.

Remember only 12 lockers are available for the Premium club so 1st finished gets the locker! We rotate lockers every 3 months.

30 days to complete the Alewife Mug Club – same 30 days to complete the Premium Club – get to it people!